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Long-range planning records, 1984-1987

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In 1984, the Board of Trustees charged Drexel's president, William Gaither, with developing a long-range strategic plan for the next ten years. This collection consists of drafts of the long-range planning report presented to the Board of Trustees in July 1985 and September 1985 and 1986, and in September 1987. It also includes preliminary drafts, planning criteria, reports prepared by individual colleges and administrative offices, and reports on particular areas such as research and academic programs. Included with the collection are some additional facilities planning documents from the College of Engineering that resulted from the long-range planning activities and a proposal to establish the Center for Automation Technology.

Financial records, 1892-2001

This collection consists of financial records, including ledgers, account books and account balance worksheets, year-to-year spending comparisons, and annual financial reports, found among the collection in the Drexel University Archives. It includes ledgers dating from the founding of the Institute in 1892 through 1916. The provenance of the collection is unknown, and information about the creation of these documents and their transfer to the archives is unavailable.

Dean of the Faculty marketing and management survey records, 1955-1956

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In 1955, the Drexel Institute of Technology initiated a management survey with support from the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Advancement of Education. The consulting firm of Alderson & Sessions was hired to conduct the survey. The study was carried out in two phases: a management phase, which examined Drexel's organizational structure and managerial effectiveness, and a marketing phase, which looked at Drexel's appeal to students and its relationship to other Philadelphia institutions. This collection consists of records compiled by dean of the faculty Harry L. Bowman, who served on the Survey Advisory Committee. It includes three of the four volumes comprising the full final report: detailed analyses from the marketing and management phases of the project and statistical data compiled for the marketing phase. (A copy of the fourth volume, an executive summary of the entire report, is available in the Nesbitt College of Design Arts records). It also includes a file of correspondence and meeting minutes compiled by Dean Bowman.

Dean of the Faculty records, 1948-1966

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This collection consists chiefly of annual reports submitted by the dean of faculty to the president of the Drexel Institute of Technology: Harry L. Bowman (b. 1899, dean of faculty1953-1961), LeRoy A. Brothers (1904-1985, interim dean of faculty 1961-1962), and Kenneth G. Matheson, Jr. (b. 1902, dean of faculty 1962-1967). It also includes a small set of correspondence and other records from acting dean Brothers dated 1961-1962.

Office of Continuing Professional Education records, 1970, 1975-1990

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The collection consists chiefly of course catalogs and promotional brochures for classes and special programs offered through the Office of Continuing Professional Education in 1970 and from 1975 to 1986. It also contains a few administrative records and a publication called "Prospectus for Professional Development" published by the Office of Continuing Professional Education from 1977 until 1979.

Annual reports, 1945-1989

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UR 3.13 Annual reports, 1929-2013, bulk 1945-1989, 5.33 cubic feet

This collection consists of annual reports submitted to the president of Drexel by administrators and department heads. They are comprehensive narrative reports summarizing activities and progress made over the course of the fiscal year. Reports are arranged alphabetically by department/office and then chronologically by year.


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Academic Council minutes, 1960-1967

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UR 3.1 Academic Council minutes, 1960-1967, 1 cubic foot

Lindback Award Nominating Committee records, 1963-1986

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UR 9.2 Lindback Award Nominating Committee records, 1963-1986, 1.5 cubic feet

The Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching is given annually to recognize faculty members for excellence in teaching.  Drexel began granting the Lindback Award in 1961.  This collection consists chiefly of nominee application files, 1980-1986.  It also includes a brief set of background files on the award, dated 1963-1969, and a list of recipients from 1961 to 1984.  

Investment Committee records, 1924-1996

The Drexel Institute's first finance committee was established in 1891 as a standing committee of the Board of Managers, which merged with the Board of Trustees in 1894. It appears to have been dissolved or become less active in the early 1920s. In 1924, when the Institute initiated its first endowment campaign, a group called the "endowment fund trustees" was established to oversee the money raised during the campaign. The endowment fund trustees stopped meeting in 1943, and a new finance committee took over its oversight of the endowment interest and principal. The finance committee was renamed the investment committee in 1987. This collection consists chiefly of the minutes of these committees from 1924 to 1995. A small series of administrative files is also included.

Deeds of trust, charter, and bylaws, 1894-1977

This collection consists of booklets containing copies of documents such as the charter (with which the Drexel Institute was incorporated), bylaws (which governs the Board of Trustees), deeds of trust (granting land and money to the institute), and extracts from the will of Anthony J. Drexel. Early booklets also list the names of board members and committees. Also included with the collection is a small set of legal documents pertaining to the 1943 transfer of the securities granted by Anthony Drexel to the institute's endowment fund.

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