Early library records, 1891-1947

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The library and reading room of the Drexel Institute of Art, Science, and Industry opened in 1892 under the direction of librarian Alice B. Kroeger. Within its first year of operation, it had built a collection of nearly eight thousand volumes, chiefly through gifts and donations from Anthony J. Drexel and his business partner, George W. Childs. The Drexel Institute library was also responsible for running the library school, which by 1900 was enrolling twenty students per year. This collection consists of the minutes of the Trustees' Committee on the Library from 1892 to 1917; accession and inventory books listing items received and withdrawn from the collection, 1891-1947; library circulation statistics, 1891-1923, and card catalogs. It also includes a brief series of correspondence by library director Anne Wallace Howland, 1923-1930.

Programs and invitations collection, 1892-1965 (bulk 1892-1915)

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The collection consists of bound volumes and loose programs containing announcements, programs, and invitations to Drexel events. The bulk of the events represented in the collection were sponsored by the Department of Free Public Lectures and Concerts, which served the school founder A.J. Drexel's desire to "provide a liberal means of culture for the masses." Free lectures and concerts at the Drexel Institute began during the school's first year of operation in 1892. They were offered during the winter months and open to the general public until the abolishment of the department in 1915. Other events were held by the Department of Fine and Applied Art, which was established in 1892; reached its zenith under the tenure of Howard Pyle, who headed its School of Illustration from 1894 through 1900; and was discontinued, with the exception of the course in architecture, in 1905. The collection also contains programs of commencement ceremonies, the first of which was held in 1894; a program from the dedication of the institute in 1892; and invitations to an 1894 memorial service for institute founder Anthony J. Drexel. Most of the programs date from the first twenty years of the operation of the institute, but the collection also contains a few programs and announcements from as late as the 1960s.

Graduate School of Library Science Placement Office alumni cards, 1895-1973

Drexel's Graduate School of Library Science (later the College of Information Science and Technology) was founded as the Library and Reading Room during the Drexel Institute's first year of operation in 1892. It was closed by President Hollis Godfrey in 1914 and reopened as the School of Library Science in 1922. This collection consists of two alphabetical sets of index cards containing information about graduates of the library school from the 1890s to the early 1970s. Each card contains an alumnus's address, initial job placement, and subsequent jobs held. The cards are arranged in two alphabetical sets: one from 1895 to 1914, and the other from 1924 to 1973.

Commencement collection, 1894-2005

UR 6.9 Commencement collection, 1894-2005, 3.33 cubic feet Drexel celebrated its first school-wide commencement in 1894.  The collection includes programs, invitations, correspondence, speeches, and rosters related to commencement ceremonies at Drexel University and its predescessor institutions.  Records are arranged chronologically by date. This collection is partially processed.  A preliminary inventory list is available in the archives; contact the archivist at archives@drexel.edu for more information.

Men's Lacrosse records, 1948-1988

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The collection consists of newspaper clippings, press releases, programs, statistics, and photographs. Materials are all interfiled chronologically; for some years, they have been compiled into scrapbooks.

Men's Rifle Team records, 1946-1956

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The records of the men's rifle team consist of a small set of newspaper clippings from 1953 to 1956 and an athlete roster and report on the team's performance in 1945-46.

Men's Soccer records, 1948-1984

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The collection consists of newspaper clippings, press releases, rosters, programs, player data sheets, and some photographs. All materials are currently interfiled chronologically.

Men's Tennis records, 1946-1988

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The records of the men's tennis team include newspaper clippings, photographs, statistics, match schedules, and athlete information sheets. All materials are currently interfiled chronologically.

Men's Track records, 1946-1991

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UR 7.10 Men's Track records, 1946-1991, 2.33 cubic feet The collection consists of press releases, newspaper clippings, meet programs, team rosters and schedules, statistics and score sheets, and photographs.  All materials are currently interfiled chronologically. This collection is partially processed.  A preliminary inventory is available; for more information, contact the archivist at archives@drexel.edu.

Tau Beta Pi Pennsylvania Zeta Chapter records, 1926-1987

Tau Beta Pi, a national honorary fraternity for engineering students, was founded at Lehigh University in 1885. Drexel's chapter, the Pennsylvania Zeta chapter, was established in 1930. This collection documents the chapter's activities and members from its founding through 1987. It includes administrative materials such as the Tau Beta Pi bylaws, the Pennsylvania Zeta chapter charter, and publications and catalogs from the national office. The bulk of the collection consists of chronological files that document the year-by-year activities of Drexel's chapter; these files contain correspondence, surveys submitted to the national office, and records of projects sponsored in that year. In addition, there is a set of index cards listing the names of Tau Beta Pi members, as well as a few un-awarded membership certificates and keys.

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