J. Rodman Paul papers, 1917-1935

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MC 32 J. Rodman Paul papers, 1917-1935, 0.33 Cubic feet This collection contains some of the papers of J. Rodman Paul, trustee of the Drexel Institute from 1904-1941.

Three Quarter Century Fund photographs, 1963-1964

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PC 15 Three Quarter Century Fund photographs, 1963-1964, 0.17 linear feet The Three Quarter Century Fund photographs collection consist of photographs taken during the Three Quarter Century Fund drive.

Assistant to the President patent records, 1966-1982

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UR 1.12 Assistant to the President patent records, 1966-1982, 2 Cubic feet This collection consists of administrative files relating to both patents and the Patent Advisory Committee. It also contains a series of files on individual patent applications where ownership was considered by the Patent Advisory Committee.

Social Sciences Department Chairman records, 1964-1975

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The Department of Social Sciences became part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences when the college was established in 1970. Prior to 1970, the department had been a sponsor of the Humanities and Technology Program, an undergraduate honors program with a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum. Stanley Wasson joined the faculty as an associate professor of history in 1960, became the chair of the department of social sciences in 1968, and served as chairman until 1975. The collection consists of correspondence between the department chairman and faculty; minutes of department meetings; financial records; files on scheduling and testing; and a set of records of the Humanities and Technology Program.

Graduate School of Library Science Placement Office alumni cards, 1895-1973

Drexel's Graduate School of Library Science (later the College of Information Science and Technology) was founded as the Library and Reading Room during the Drexel Institute's first year of operation in 1892. It was closed by President Hollis Godfrey in 1914 and reopened as the School of Library Science in 1922. This collection consists of two alphabetical sets of index cards containing information about graduates of the library school from the 1890s to the early 1970s. Each card contains an alumnus's address, initial job placement, and subsequent jobs held. The cards are arranged in two alphabetical sets: one from 1895 to 1914, and the other from 1924 to 1973.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics records, 1973-1997

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The department of mechanical engineering began granting degrees in 1914. Its first department head, J. Harland Billings, was appointed in 1918. It became the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics in 1975. The collection includes correspondence, faculty meeting minutes, brochures detailing policies and guidelines for students, and a brief set of event files. A large portion of the collection consists of personnel records of department staff.

Directories, 1956-2000

Bound booklets containing contact information for students, faculty, and staff.

Trustees' Committee on Name alumni survey cards, 1934

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When founded in 1891, what is now Drexel University was named the Drexel Institute of Art, Science, and Industry. In 1933, the administration began to consider a change of name to Drexel Institute of Technology. A statement from A.J. Drexel Paul, then president of the Board of Trustees, states that "[t]he original name…was felt to be no longer accurate as a description of the fully accredited, professional college which Drexel has become in the last twenty years. For this reason a strong desire became manifest for the adoption of a name of modern academic significance, which would indicate the present status of the education offered at Drexel." A trustees' ad hoc committee was established to examine a possible name change, and in 1934 this committee conducted a survey of alumni and faculty asking whether they preferred the old name or a change to Drexel Institute of Technology. According to Paul's statement, "[t]he vote recorded a majority of more than three to one in favor of such a change on the part of both alumni and faculty." The name of the Institute was officially changed to Drexel Institute of Technology on March 30, 1936. This collection consists of postcards containing the responses received from the alumni and faculty surveyed regarding the name change. Each card contains an alumnus's name and address and their preference of name.

Middle States Association accreditation records, 1953-1990

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The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools certifies educational institutions to grant degrees and diplomas. The collection consists of preliminary and final reports to the Middle States Association; research materials gathered in the preparation of these reports; and the records of the working groups established during the self-study. The bulk of the records are from the re-accreditation that took place during the 1990s.

Drexel Women's Club records, 1927-1980

The Drexel Women's Club was founded in 1927 by the wife of Drexel's president, Kenneth G. Matheson. Membership was opened to female faculty and staff as well as the wives of faculty and administrators. To fulfill its stated purpose of "promot[ing] good fellowship and to further the interests of the Institute in every way possible," the Women's Club began to offer student loans, scholarships, and awards. In 1942, the club began to publish the Drexel News Letter, a publication sent to Drexel men serving in the armed forces during World War II, with news about happenings at Drexel and from its readers. The Women's Club has also sponsored card parties, plays, teas, and other benefit events such as fundraisers for its scholarship and loan funds. Records in the collection include the club's constitution, financial records, minutes, membership rosters, annual reports, subject files on events sponsored by the Women's Club, newsletters, and a history of the club written in 1947.

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