Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics records, 1973-1997

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The department of mechanical engineering began granting degrees in 1914. Its first department head, J. Harland Billings, was appointed in 1918. It became the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics in 1975. The collection includes correspondence, faculty meeting minutes, brochures detailing policies and guidelines for students, and a brief set of event files. A large portion of the collection consists of personnel records of department staff.

Directories, 1956-2000

Bound booklets containing contact information for students, faculty, and staff.

Drexel Women's Club records, 1927-1980

The Drexel Women's Club was founded in 1927 by the wife of Drexel's president, Kenneth G. Matheson. Membership was opened to female faculty and staff as well as the wives of faculty and administrators. To fulfill its stated purpose of "promot[ing] good fellowship and to further the interests of the Institute in every way possible," the Women's Club began to offer student loans, scholarships, and awards. In 1942, the club began to publish the Drexel News Letter, a publication sent to Drexel men serving in the armed forces during World War II, with news about happenings at Drexel and from its readers. The Women's Club has also sponsored card parties, plays, teas, and other benefit events such as fundraisers for its scholarship and loan funds. Records in the collection include the club's constitution, financial records, minutes, membership rosters, annual reports, subject files on events sponsored by the Women's Club, newsletters, and a history of the club written in 1947.

Dean of the College of Engineering records, 1954-1969

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LeRoy A. Brothers was dean of the College of Engineering from 1958 to 1970. Born in Wilmington, North Carolina, he studied civil engineering at North Carolina State College and joined Drexel's faculty as a professor of civil engineering in 1927. He left Drexel in 1942 to serve in the U. S. Air Force, and in 1944 he became chief of operations analysis for the war in south and east Asia. He left Drexel altogether in 1945, and in 1946 he became Assistant for Operations at the U. S. Air Force headquarters in Washington. After returning to Drexel as dean in 1958, he served briefly as acting dean of faculty in 1961 and 1962. The bulk of the records in the collection are files on academic departments and committees documenting the administration of the College of Engineering and Science from 1961 to 1965. One box of material consists entirely of records of the American Society for Engineering Education's (ASEA) Engineering College Administrative Council (ECAC) Committee for the Analysis of Engineering Enrollment.

Dean of the Faculty marketing and management survey records, 1955-1956

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In 1955, the Drexel Institute of Technology initiated a management survey with support from the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Advancement of Education. The consulting firm of Alderson & Sessions was hired to conduct the survey. The study was carried out in two phases: a management phase, which examined Drexel's organizational structure and managerial effectiveness, and a marketing phase, which looked at Drexel's appeal to students and its relationship to other Philadelphia institutions. This collection consists of records compiled by dean of the faculty Harry L. Bowman, who served on the Survey Advisory Committee. It includes three of the four volumes comprising the full final report: detailed analyses from the marketing and management phases of the project and statistical data compiled for the marketing phase. (A copy of the fourth volume, an executive summary of the entire report, is available in the Nesbitt College of Design Arts records). It also includes a file of correspondence and meeting minutes compiled by Dean Bowman.

Dean of the Faculty records, 1948-1966

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This collection consists chiefly of annual reports submitted by the dean of faculty to the president of the Drexel Institute of Technology: Harry L. Bowman (b. 1899, dean of faculty1953-1961), LeRoy A. Brothers (1904-1985, interim dean of faculty 1961-1962), and Kenneth G. Matheson, Jr. (b. 1902, dean of faculty 1962-1967). It also includes a small set of correspondence and other records from acting dean Brothers dated 1961-1962.

Deeds of trust, charter, and bylaws, 1894-1977

This collection consists of booklets containing copies of documents such as the charter (with which the Drexel Institute was incorporated), bylaws (which governs the Board of Trustees), deeds of trust (granting land and money to the institute), and extracts from the will of Anthony J. Drexel. Early booklets also list the names of board members and committees. Also included with the collection is a small set of legal documents pertaining to the 1943 transfer of the securities granted by Anthony Drexel to the institute's endowment fund.

Drexel University Bulletin, 1924-1957, 1977-1981

The Drexel University Bulletin (also known as the Drexel Institute of Technology Bulletin) was a promotional publication used as a student recruitment tool. Specific issues of the Bulletin provided details of programs at Drexel; particular issues were dedicated to cooperative education, engineering, library science, home economics, and science. Other issues were used to recruit female students. Drexel occasionally used the Bulletin to publish its annual reports and lists of alumni. The collection consists of Bulletin issues from 1924 to 1957 and 1977 to 1981.

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