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The History of Drexel Commencement

This exhibit features materials from the Drexel University Archives documenting some of the history of Drexel's commencement ceremony. Since 1894, commencement has been an important ceremony marking the completion of academic programs. While many elements of commencement have changed over the history of Drexel, the fundamental meaning of the ceremony has not.

Drexel's First Commencement

Drexel graduated its first class in 1894.

The Venue

Since 1894, Drexel commencement has been held in several locationions throughout Philadelphia.

Commencement Speakers

An address from a notable person has always been an important part of the commencement ceremony and usually has featured individuals prominent in their fields.


Another important element of the commencement ceremony is the awarding of military commissions.


Andrew J. Beck