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A side view of the Tidewater Mill and Elevator Co after the explosion. One can see that the mill is basically non existent. There is water flooding the street.

This photo is taken in front of the 30th Street Train Station. Market Street is captured to a certain extent. The Post Office can be seen.

This picture illuminates the 30th street block of Ludlow Street 33 years ago. There are a number of places such as Lintons which no longer are present today.

Firefighters try to put out the fire from the explosion with hoses. The destruction from the explosion is apparent as there is debris and rubble scattered everywhere.

This photograph illuminates the smoke and smog in the air from the explosion. The Post Office stands behind the bridge.

A rear view of the Main Building. A firetruck is parked in the photograph.

One can see that the Post Office is on the left side of the photograph. A truck has been crushed in the front.

The firefighters are putting out the fire from the explosion. There is a big pile of debris and rubble near them.

At left is the High Line, with a partially demolished El pillar in the center and the Bulletin Building off to the right.

The post office appears on the left of the photograph. The smoke and smog appears to be coming from the building in front of the post office.