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The rear of the Main Building 55 years ago. This is the Ludlow Street side of the building.

The buildings standing after the blast are (left to right) a trade school at 3000 Market, the Railway Express, the High Line (train bridge spanning Market) and the Bulletin Building at 3001 Market

This captures the destruction of the explosion particularly on the left side of the photo. Firefighters are trying to clear up the debris.

A fire truck puts out the blaze in the Railway Express building at 3020-3032 Market Street. At right a pier is visible from the Market-Frankfort Elevated line, which was being dismantled prior to the explosion

This picture captures the destruction from the explosion. Firefighters are hard at work attempting to put the fire out. The damage is large as can be seen from all the rubble.

The front of the Main Building from the Chestnut Street entrance. Take notice that not much has changed from 55 years ago to today.

The back of the Tidewater Mill and Elevator Co. after the explosion. Firefighters appear to be scoping out the territory. There appears to be rubble and debris everywhere.

The sideview of the Railway Express Agency post explosion. The windows are broken and debris and rubble can be seen on the ground.

This picture depicts the rear of the Railway Express Agency. On the back of this building is the garage. Debris and rubble surround the building because of the explosion.

A view of the Post Office 55 years ago.