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Front: "'Third story back' in Boarding House Row"

Back: "'Third story back' of Boarding House Row, No. 3427" "A cozy corner"

Interior of Virginia Castleman's room.

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Back: "The Library - College Hall & Lab"
University of Pennsylvania.

College Hall, background left, was completed in 1872. The library (now the fine arts library), background right, was completed in 1891.

Front: "Marble stairway and frescoed wall"

Back: "Stairway of the Drexel Institute, part of entrance court, top of auditorium door, portrait of Anthony J. Drexel, & upper balcony, as seen from the front doorway."

The portrait of A.J. Drexel…

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Handwritten on front: "The President's Office"

Back: "Pres. James MacAlister by his office table at the Drexel Inst."

In portions of Castleman's diary she provides some insight into the accessibility of Drexel's first president. Photographs…

Front: "Our usual work is cataloguing of books"

Back: "Miss Cattell's alcove, where the Standish collection is shelved."

Sarah W. Cattell is listed in the 1901 Drexel Institute Register as assistant librarian and instructor in the Library…

Front: "The autograph and manuscript cases"

Back: "Magazine and manuscript cases in the D.I. Reading room."

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Back: "'MacGowan,' D.I. official"

Man seen here is likely Robert J. McGowan - listed as a janitor under the superintendent of buildings in the 1901 Drexel Institute Register.

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Handwritten on front: "Library classroom"

Back: "Library classroom in Drexel Institute. Class of '99"

Front: "These ferns are my envy"

Back: "Inside wall and side of 'Third story front,' showing the Penn pillow, red and blue, and J.H.'s fern"

Different view of room above.


Text hand written on back: "Houston Club - Spruce St. entrance"

Houston Hall, at University of Pennsylvania, was opened 1896.