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From W. Boyd Alexander - A4
Private S.A.T.C., Drexel Institute

To President Hollis Godfrey
Drexel Institute.

Dear Sir:

Concerning your question asked this,
morning, I intend to continue to the end of
this term on Dec. 21 or…

Drexel Institute
November 27, 1918

Dr. Godfrey

Dear Sir,

In regard to remaining at
Drexel Institute, I am much in favor
of the plan as stated by you at mess
My opinion of the plan is that
it is a great opportunity for…

Nov 27. 1918.
Drexel Institute
Phila. Pa.

Dr. Godfrey,

Private Dirk A. Dedel will remain
under the new conditions announced in the
mess hall today. However I will have to
talk it over with my parents. The 6 months
continuation will…

During World War I, the Drexel Institute undertook a number of efforts to prepare its graduates to serve the nation in wartime, including initiating programs to prepare women for government jobs. A new major in dietetics, begun in 1918, was the first…

Drexel team at the 17th Annual Penn Relays with their trophies.

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Men’s baseball team sits for a group picture with their coaches on the athletic field.

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"War Expenditures: Extract from Hearings before Subcommittee No. 2 (Camps) of the Select Committee on Expenditures in the War Department, House of Representatives, Sixty-Sixth Congress, First Session, on War Expenditures." Statement of Hollis…

From "The Lexerd 1914." Godfrey was just hired that year.