List of Drexel presidents, 1891-present

List of Drexel presidents, 1891-present

1.  James A. MacAlister 1891-1913
2.  Hollis Godfrey 1913-1921
3.  Kenneth G. Matheson 1921-1931
4.  Parke R. Kolbe 1932-1942
5.  George Peters Rea 1942-1944
6.  James Creese 1945-1963
7.  William W. Hagerty 1963-1984
8.  William S. Gaither 1984-1987
9.  Harold M. Myers (interim) 1987-1988
10.  Richard Breslin 1988-1994
11.  C. R. "Chuck" Pennoni (interim) 1994-1995
12.  Constantine Papadakis 1995-2009
13.  C. R. "Chuck" Pennoni (interim) 2009-2010
14. John A. Fry 2010-present



Transitional leaders

Horace Churchman served as President pro tem for 6 months, from President MacAlister's retirement until Hollis Godfrey took office on December 1, 1913.

After President Matheson died in office in December 1931, the Board of Trustees created an interim committee of deans, chaired by Robert Disque, to lead the Institute until President Kolbe arrived. Robert Disque, then Dean of Faculty, headed another interim executive committee after President Kolbe died in office in 1942. Dean Disque later served as Acting President after President Rea resigned in August 1944 until President Creese took office in 1945. According to standards set in 2009, only presidents who signed student diplomas are given a numerical designation.

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